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No job too big for Gibbons!

We’ve never shied away from taking on large-scale projects here at Gibbons, and this job is no exception! These images show a huge humidifier compartment about to be fitted out in our Essex workshop.

The equipment is set to be installed as part of an extension to our multinational client’s European print production showroom. As with all printing facilities, the showroom relies on precise humidity control, and the size of the space requires a substantial humidification system.

The unit stands at a height of 1.72 metres and is 2.62 metres wide, weighing 773 kilograms. Once our engineers have installed the state-of-the-art Gibbons humidification system, the chamber will be transported to site. It will then be suspended from roof supports and connected to the existing ductwork, forming part of our client’s overall air-handling system.

The impressive performance data of the Gibbons humidifier, along with our meticulous proposal for delivery of the project, was more than enough to convince the client to award us the contract. Our engineers will soon be on site to install the unit, along with making duct modifications. We will then carry out commissioning of the system before it is put into operation.

For more information on Gibbons’ bespoke humidification systems for industrial and commercial applications, call Steve Rix on 07966 423165 or email


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