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7 reasons to carry out an energy audit on your pumping system

Electric motor-driven pumping systems are responsible for nearly a fifth of global energy usage and are the largest user of electricity in the European Union. Therefore, pump users can enjoy significant financial savings by reducing the energy consumption of their equipment, as well as satisfying increasingly-stringent environmental legislation.

An energy audit can help you identify areas of your pumping process that could benefit from the installation or upgrade of high-efficiency equipment. Here are eight reasons for you to conduct an energy audit on your pump system:

  • Your pump system speed-controlled by throttling
  • You have a multiple-pump system
  • You are concerned about high energy bills
  • Your pumping system is unreliable and prone to costly breakdowns
  • Your equipment is excessively noisy
  • Flow demand varies in your application
  • Your pumps operate constantly

Gibbons Engineering Group conducts energy appraisals on pumping systems within industries as varied as food and beverage, wastewater treatment and concrete production. Analysis of the entire system allows us to compile a comprehensive report detailing everything from where savings may be made to when users can expect to achieve return on investment.

As suppliers, installers and service providers for electric motors, pumps and ABB variable-speed drives, Gibbons has the products and expertise to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your process. For more information, call us on 01621 868138 or email

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