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90% of electric motors are not connected to variable-speed drives

Considering that electric motors account for around two-thirds of global energy consumption, it’s astonishing to think that less than 10 per cent of the world’s motors are equipped with variable-speed drives.

VSDs, via intelligent motor control, present an opportunity for tremendous reductions in industrial electricity usage, yet nine motors in 10 run without one. With manufacturers worldwide striving to reduce carbon emissions in order to comply with government legislation, increase productivity and save money, it’s hard to understand why drives are often overlooked.

In many cases, designers of motor-driven applications such as pump and conveyor systems are only responsible for the cost of purchasing and installing the equipment. Running costs do not fall under their remit and it is not in their interest to try to reduce them. Better communication between engineers and energy managers and a more holistic approach to system design would mean the benefits of VSD installation, including energy savings, reduced maintenance and extended equipment life, could be achieved.

Gibbons Engineering Group supplies electric motors and VSDs to clients across manufacturing and processing industries in order to help them maximise the energy-efficiency of their application. We’re also an authorised value provider for ABB drives, which means that our customers benefit from a global network of VSD equipment and expertise.

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