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Carbon emissions have stopped growing, but energy efficiency must not

The growth of carbon emissions all but stopped for the first time in a decade last year, according to a report from global oil company BP. The 65th edition of BP’s ‘Statistical Review of World Energy’ found that, worldwide, carbon emissions increase by just 0.1 per cent in 2015. Barring a drop during the late-2000s global financial crisis, the growth of carbon emissions last year was at the lowest rate for 25 years.

The BP report attributed the figures to an improved approach to energy efficiency and renewable power worldwide, while warning that such CO2 slowdowns are down to cyclical factors and may not be repeated in subsequent years.

Whatever the future may bring, the industrial and commercial sectors should always strive to reduce energy consumption. This helps to minimise energy costs, lower maintenance requirements and extend equipment life. In addition, an energy-efficient approach helps to enhance public perception of a business and the sector in which it operates.

Gibbons Engineering Group has 10 dedicated divisions for its range of electro-mechanical products and services, including state-of-the-art energy-efficient electric motors, ABB drives, Lowara pumps, Bonfiglioli gearboxes, HVAC systems and more.

Comprehensive energy audits allow us to identify areas where efficiency can be improved – whether that’s the installation, replacement or upgrade of equipment. Our new Drive Hire service allows clients to fit a variable-speed drive to their application on a trial basis in order to observe the potential savings before committing to an order.

To discuss the benefits of a variable-speed drive installation – whether on a permanent or trial basis – or any of our other range of energy-efficient equipment, call us on 01621 868138 or email

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