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Fears that Brexit could lead to increase in energy prices

Confidence in the UK’s energy-efficiency sector has hit a four-year low as fears grow that leaving the European Union could leave businesses facing a sharp increase in energy costs, according to a new report.

The study, from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Energy Efficiency Verification Specialists (EEVS) found that suppliers and consumers are in favour of remaining in the EU, with 79 per cent and 64 per cent respectively voting ‘remain’.

It is thought that leaving the EU would increase the capital cost of energy-saving technologies for consumers as well as driving up energy costs. Meanwhile, the government’s recent poor record on energy-efficiency initiatives (such as the abandoned Green Deal) means that consumers and suppliers are fearful that, should the upcoming referendum lead to Brexit, the UK will not benefit from European energy programmes.

Whatever happens in the EU referendum, businesses of all sizes can reduce their energy costs by investing in the purchase and upgrade of energy-efficient equipment such as electric motors, variable-speed drives, pumps, HVAC equipment and humidification systems.

Gibbons Engineering Group has 10 dedicated divisions offering supply, installation, servicing, repair and technical support for all these products and more. We serve businesses in industries as diverse as food and beverage production, healthcare and wastewater processing and have vast experience delivering projects worldwide within the tightest timeframes.

We’re able to help our clients make significant energy savings, with payback on investment achievable within 12 months in many cases.

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