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ABB ACS800 variable-speed drive re-classified

ABB has announced that its ACS800 low-voltage industrial variable-speed drive is to transition from the Active to Classic phase as part of its lifecycle management system.

ABB classifies its drives into four categories – Active, Classic, Limited and Obsolete – to ensure an efficient and organised transition of products throughout their service life.

Active drives are those which are still being produced and available to order. Users have access to full lifecycle services for these drives from ABB and its approved partners, including training, technical support and spare part availability.

When production of a drive is discontinued, the Active stage ends and the Classic phase begins. This means that although the drives in question are no long produced by ABB, they are still available to be ordered. ABB continues to offer full lifecycle support for Classic phase drives.

The ACS800 is set to enter the Classic phase in 2017, with certain variants beginning the transition in 2018. Refer to the following table for details:

Classic drives may need to have software and hardware upgrades carried out in order to ensure optimum performance; an authorised value provider (AVP) such as Gibbons can advise you on this.

To discuss VSD lifecycle management for ABB drives, call Gibbons Drives Manager Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email


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