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How the ABB ACH580 HVAC drive controls water and air flow

ABB’s ACH580 variable-speed drive ticks all the boxes for HVAC systems in applications as varied as data centres, schools and offices – achieving the highest standards of energy efficiency, comfort, productivity and safety.

Water and air flow are equally important aspects of HVAC system operation, and the powerful ACH580 applies the latest technology to maximise the efficiency and safety of both.

Air flow

  • Start interlocks ensure components such as dampers and sensors are in position before starting up
  • Drive data allows users to optimise fan control and achieve maximum system efficiency
  • Users are notified when issues such as fan stalls, broken belts and clogged filters occur and need attention

Water flow

  • Freeze protection functions start heaters, change set points or notify the user of sub-zero temperatures
  • Need for traditional throttling valves removed as primary and secondary pumps precisely controlled. Accuracy reduces water flow consistency issues and maximises energy efficiency
  • Booster pumps controlled to allow for overnight reduction in demand and daytime peak

The ACH580 can be ordered via an authorised value provider such as Gibbons Engineering Group. As well as managing the supply, installation and commissioning of your variable-speed drive, we’re approved by ABB to offer essential lifecycle services including maintenance and technical support.

Find out more about the power of the ACH580 HVAC drive by calling Gibbons’ Drives Manager Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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