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UK ranked the world’s 5th most energy-efficient country

The UK has been classified as the fifth most energy efficient country in the world, following a report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

The study ranked 23 countries – which between them account for 75 per cent of global energy consumption – and analysed efficiency in the building, industry and transportation sectors.

The report found that Britain’s position, behind Germany, Italy, Japan and France, was largely due to changes in energy policies such as:

  • The abolition of the Green Deal
  • A 33 per cent cut to the Energy Efficiency Obligations target
  • Future spending cut by a fifth

However, the UK’s primary energy intensity – the amount of energy consumed annually by a country to produce its total economic output – dropped 30.6 per cent from 2000-2013. Britain was ranked first for industrial energy intensity, as it had the lowest weighted energy consumption per dollar of industrial GDP of any of the countries surveyed.

The ACEEE said that meeting increased energy demand is often achieved the most economically by increasing energy efficiency. The Council also implored governments to encourage investment in energy efficiency in order to save money, reduce reliance on energy imports and reduce carbon emissions.

Businesses across the industrial and commercial sectors relying on electric motor-driven equipment such as conveyors, pumps, mixers and HVAC equipment can significantly reduce their energy consumption by adding variable-speed drives to their processes.

Gibbons Engineering Group, as well as being a supplier of high-performance electric motors, pumps and gearboxes, supplies ABB variable-speed drives to allow its clients precision control over their equipment. Variable-speed control means users can minimise energy consumption and increase productivity while enjoying a quick return on investment.

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