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Climate change: How will hospitals, schools and offices cope in the future?

A report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has painted a stark picture of Britain’s future, with extreme heatwaves set to become the norm by the end of the century.

The 2,000-page UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 has been compiled by 80 experts over three years and forecasts heat-related deaths in the UK to more than double to 5,000 per year by the 2050s.

It is anticipated that, if climate change trends continue, what we now class as a heatwave would be the norm, and in 65 years would be considered a cool summer. The CCC claims that the hottest weather we experience now would be common by the middle of the century and would be classed as a cool summer in 65 years. A heatwave would be classified as temperatures of 48°C in London, and in the high-30s in the rest of the UK.

Meanwhile, a separate study of summer overheating in hospitals found temperatures in the Rosie maternity unit of Cambridge hospital exceeded 30°C during the summer of 2011. The CCC study declared that many UK hospitals are not resilient against high ambient temperatures, which, coupled with its predictions for the British climate over the coming decades, raises serious concerns over the health and wellbeing of patients and staff.

It’s not only hospitals facing climate change challenges; facilities management for offices, schools, hotels and restaurants need to deliver solutions to protect building occupants now and in the future.

If climate change trends continue then reliable, efficient HVAC systems will be even more important for regulating temperature in occupied spaces. Gibbons HVAC Services supply and install high-performance air handling equipment while offering a comprehensive service package, with satisfied clients across all sectors.

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