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How to make your pumps more efficient

If you’re responsible for the energy consumption of a pump application, we’ve got a few tips for making your system more efficient. As well as reducing electricity usage and cutting costs, this can minimise wear and tear on components and extend equipment life.

Accurate sizing

A properly-sized pump is essential for optimising energy efficiency. If your pump is too small then it will not deliver the performance required and components will be subject to excessive wear, while an oversized pump wastes energy.

Signs that your pump is oversized include excessive noise, frequent bearing and seal failure and intermittent running. Flow rate, total head and the liquid to be pumped are some of the details you’ll need when ordering a new pump. Find out more about pump sizing here.


Routine maintenance is a crucial part of pump ownership and operation. Regular preventative maintenance can help users avoid costly unplanned downtime, maximise a pump’s service life and increase energy efficiency. Components such as bearings, the impeller and seals, along with the pump’s alignment with the motor, should be checked periodically and appropriate action taken.

Variable-speed drives

In pump applications including wastewater management and food processing, traditional flow rate control techniques such as throttling do not alter the motor speed and are therefore inefficient. Precise control can be achieved by connecting a variable-speed drive (VSD) to the pump, while energy use is minimised as the motor uses only as much power as the application demands. A pump running at half speed consumes around 70 per cent less energy compared to one running at full speed.

Gibbons is a global supplier of pumps for all industrial and commercial applications, while we’re an approved supplier of industry-leading Lowara pumps. We’re also an authorised value provider for ABB drives, meaning we’re exclusively approved to offer supply, installation, servicing and technical advice.

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