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Is retrofitting the solution to energy-efficiency challenges?

Upgrading equipment and technology in buildings offers the greatest potential for increasing energy efficiency, according to a survey of Energy Institute members.

The Energy Barometer 2016 study found that the majority of EI members believe retrofitting existing building fabric to be the best opportunity for reducing energy consumption over the next three years, followed closely by technology and equipment upgrades.

Retrofitting is the modernisation of old equipment by fitting new components. Along with improving performance and productivity, retrofitting increases energy efficiency without the need to replace a machine entirely.

Gibbons Engineering Group has helped clients across multiple sectors including manufacturing, healthcare and wastewater treatment with its retrofit service.

Our engineers assess the efficiency of electric motor-driven processes such as pumping applications, HVAC systems and humidification equipment in order to identify equipment that may be improved by retrofitting. This allows you to see the benefits for yourself before committing to an equipment upgrade. As well as supplying and installing the latest energy-efficient equipment, we provide comprehensive training and full technical support.

For more information on our retrofitting service, give us a call on 01621 868138 or email

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