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To rewind or not to rewind?

Gibbons’ electric motor rewinds and repairs division has helped businesses locally and nationally to get their process up and running again following an equipment failure for almost 50 years.

Our technical team are used to fielding all manner of enquiries, but if there’s one question we’re asked more than any other, it’s: “Should I rewind my failed motor or replace it?”

In order to answer this question, there are four key points to consider:

What is the motor’s power rating?

Because smaller motors are relatively low cost, in the event of a failure it’s more economical to scrap the old motor and buy from new than to have it rewound. Conversely, larger motors are more suited to being rewound as they’re more expensive to replace.

Is the motor customised?

Motors built to specification, such as those with mounting modifications or shaft variations – are far more economical to rewind than replace. This is because a replacement will not be available off the shelf and will have to be built from scratch. Not only is this more expensive; the lead time can be several months. In most applications this length of downtime is not an option when a rewind can be carried out in a matter of days.

Is the motor properly sized for the process?

A motor that is not properly sized for its application is likely to fail again soon after being rewound. Therefore, use the opportunity to check that you’re using the right-sized motor for the job and replace as necessary.

When should a motor be written off?

Severe damage may require many components to be replaced, in which case the cost of repair normally outweighs the price of a new motor. Have your failed motor assessed by an experienced engineer before making a decision.

If you’ve had a motor failure in your process, call the experts at Gibbons who will give you an honest appraisal on the best course of action. We’ll collect and deliver your motor free of charge within a 50-mile radius of our Essex workshop and repairs come with a 12-month warranty as standard.

Contact us on 01621 868138 or email to discuss your options.

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