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Why an electric motor’s purchase price is the tip of the iceberg

If you were buying a car, what factors would you consider before committing to a purchase? It’s doubtful that you’d only consider the price on the windscreen. You would want to know how many miles per gallon the car can achieve, its reliability and the cost of tax and insurance before you made a decision.

So when it comes to buying an electric motor, why is the purchase price often the only consideration?

The reason is often that the person buying the motor is not responsible for their company’s energy or maintenance costs and has their own budget to achieve. But with a typical motor in 20 years’ continuous operation consuming around 400 times its purchase price in energy costs, it’s clear that long-term thinking is key.

Plus, to ensure that the motor continues to perform, regular maintenance must be carried out which brings its own cost depending on the size of the equipment and how often it’s used.

Before you order the cheapest motor available, call the experts at Gibbons. We can assess the demands of your application in order to offer you the motor that will provide the most economical solution in the long term. In addition to next-day delivery and technical support, we also provide a comprehensive maintenance programme to ensure you get the most from your motor.

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