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5 benefits of Gibbons’ stainless steel electric motors

We recently launched our new stainless steel electric motors, and we thought we’d take a closer look at five ways they’re beneficial to users in some of the most demanding industrial applications.

1. IP69K ingress protection

Dust-tight and resistant to high-pressure water jets, our stainless steel motors are fully protected from debris and liquid exposure which occurs during washdown in food processing facilities.

2. Laser-engraved motor ratings

Normally, an electric motor’s rating plate provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which presents a contamination risk in certain industries, not to mention the accumulation of rust. These motors have their data laser engraved on the casing for a smooth, clean finish.


Being totally-enclosed and non-ventilated (TENV), our stainless steel motors have no fan or cooling fins, which also leaves bacteria with nowhere to hide.

4. IE3 efficiency

An IE3 efficiency rating means compliance with European Minimum Energy Performance Standards (EU MEPS) for electric motors is met while consuming less energy than older IE2 equipment.

5. Unpainted

With no paint to chip or flake off, these motors ensure the highest standards of hygiene can be achieved. This is essential in demanding applications such as food and beverage production and pharmaceutical processes.

To enquire about our stainless steel motors, call Steven Burmby on 01621 868138 or email

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