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Unplanned downtime as a result of equipment failure causes massive inconvenience and expense for businesses in the manufacturing and processing industries. For every minute that the process is out of action, orders are increasingly likely to be unfulfilled, while staff are being paid when they can’t work.

The estimated cost of downtime to a business is between five and 20 per cent of profit at full capacity, which doesn’t include the damage to a company’s reputation and the subsequent loss of clientele.

Gibbons helps its customers to avoid downtime with a comprehensive package of preventative maintenance, performed outside of normal business hours to minimise disruption. By identifying potential problems before they cause equipment failure, repairs can be scheduled during a planned shutdown so that revenue is not affected.

In cases when failure has occurred during working hours and immediate attention is required, Gibbons offers a 24-hour call-out service, with a mobile team available to carry out repairs on site.

Meanwhile, our Drive Hire service ensures variable-speed drive users have a short-term solution to VSD failure. We supply pre-programmed and ready-cabled ABB drives to replace any make or model of VSD, with a fleet of vehicles and a team of engineers ready to go at a moment’s notice.

While the hire drive is in operation, we repair the failed unit and return it to operation at a time convenient for our client.

If an equipment failure has left your process out of action, call our 24-hour emergency line on 07970 676272 for immediate attention.

Or if you’d like to arrange a maintenance visit, call our office on 01621 868138 or email

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