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Are toilet fragrances doing more harm than good in your business?

Many building owners and facilities managers deal with the problem of unpleasant, lingering odours in washroom areas by using automatic air freshener dispensers. There are two problems with this approach.

Firstly, the dispensers use consumables such as cartridges or canisters which may not always be recyclable. Secondly, these chemical-based fragrances are increasingly being linked to allergies and other health problems including asthma.

A solution exists in the form of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) equipment such as AirCare®, an innovative system that uses ultraviolet-C (UVC) light to destroy unwanted odours in public washrooms. AirCare® runs continuously and removes, rather than masks, unpleasant smells, leaving facilities fresh-smelling and much more inviting.

These chemical-free systems are supplied by Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions in association with BioZone Scientific International and have been installed in commercial buildings for some of the biggest names in industry, retail and finance.

Many of the 70 million annual passengers using London Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 3 have benefitted from AirCare® in the toilet block since 2008, when a trial installation was carried out. The system was deployed throughout all the terminal’s washrooms the following year, with facilities management delighted with its performance.

Chris Moore, Facilities Manager at Terminal 3, said that the AirCare® units “have been in continuous use and have been faultless in their reliability,” adding that after the nightly downtime period the system results in “a neutral, almost static, smell – a great blank canvas for the day ahead.”

Mr Moore went on to praise AirCare®’s minimal maintenance requirement: “The units are subjected to a simple weekly end cap clean which is undertaken by our cleaning operatives. The UV bulbs in the units are replaced on an annual schedule, and other than the aforementioned there is no additional maintenance required.”

To enquire about having AirCare® installed in your building, call Head of Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions Colin Hardman on 07940 544206 or email

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