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Energy-efficiency improvements could save NHS £400 million a year

The NHS could reduce its annual running costs by over £400 million if it implemented energy-saving measures, according to a new report from the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU).

The ‘Securing Health Returns’ research emphasised the need to manage the complete lifecycle costs of NHS buildings rather than focus on the initial construction cost, finding, for example, that lowering set points on heating systems by just 1°C could yield yearly savings of £6.2 million.

This was just one of 35 sustainability measures identified by the study, which also claimed that annual carbon emissions could be cut by one million tonnes by 2020 if its recommendations were followed.

Improving the energy efficiency of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems within its buildings would significantly reduce electricity consumption while also protecting the health and wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors.

HVAC equipment upgrades may be accompanied by the installation of variable-speed drives (VSDs), which allow air handling equipment to run below full capacity whilst consuming less power. Without VSD control, electric motor-powered applications such as these would use the same amount of power no matter the speed of the driven equipment.

Further benefits of VSDs in hospital HVAC systems include:

  • Clean air circulation in critical areas
  • Comfortable temperature more easily achieved
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance available
  • Less wear and tear on components reduces maintenance costs
  • Can be installed into existing systems

Although few UK businesses will consume as much energy as the NHS, the concept remains the same for all occupied spaces. Adding variable-speed drives to your process could substantially reduce your energy consumption while also helping you comply with efficiency legislation such as EU MEPS.

Gibbons Engineering Group is an authorised value provider for ABB drives, which means we’re approved to supply, install and offer local value-added support for VSDs from the world’s leading manufacturer.

We’re also a supplier of IE3 and IE4-rated electric motors for a huge range of industrial and commercial applications, enabling clients to enjoy a complete solution from one supplier.

Call HVAC Services Manager Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email with enquiries relating to air handling equipment.

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