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Helping you make the most of your ABB drives

Since the ABB authorised value provider (AVP) programmed launched in January 2014, as a founder member we’ve been able to offer users of ABB variable-speed drives unrivalled services to help them get the best possible performance from their equipment.

Here are some of the many ways we help users maximise the performance, energy efficiency and reliability of their ABB drives.


A comprehensive preventative maintenance service means components are repaired or replaced before they fail, helping to reduce the risk of breakdown and unplanned downtime.


Whether it’s an immediate response to a drive breakdown or expert technical support, as an AVP we have our own ABB trained and approved technicians on hand to help you. Plus, we have access to ABB’s global network of drives expertise, so in the unlikely event that we can’t answer your query, we’ll know someone who can.

Maximising lifetime

ABB has a system for gauging which stage of its lifecycle a drive is at, categorising equipment as being in the active, classic, limited or obsolete phases. This is a sliding scale relating to the support available for a drive at a particular time. As drives age and new models are introduced, support is gradually withdrawn until ABB can no longer guarantee services at a reasonable cost. This system allows upgrades to be planned in advance, ensuring the client is always using the ideal drive for their application.

Performance optimisation

Extensive training from our ABB-approved engineers helps you to achieve optimal performance from your drive and connected equipment.

Find out more about the ABB drives products and services we can offer by calling Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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