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Automation could help UK food and beverage sector boost productivity by 13.7%

The UK’s food and beverage industry could improve its productivity by 13.7 per cent through improvements and additions to automated processes, according to a study from Copenhagen Business School.

The research found that if Britain matched Finland, the most automated country in the food and beverage sector, the industry could benefit from reduced running costs, higher output, greater profitability and less wastage.

Operators in the food and beverage industry could see significant productivity improvements from upgrading electric motors used to drive pumps, mixers and conveyors to more energy-efficient IE3 and IE4 models.

Meanwhile, connecting variable-speed drives to such applications helps to minimise energy consumption, wear and tear and servicing requirements by running the electric motor at the speed demanded at any one time, rather than continuously.

This offers far greater energy efficiency than traditional throttling methods and enables producers to achieve more accurate dosing of ingredients – leading to higher product quality and consistency.

Gibbons Engineering Group supplies an extensive range of electric motors, including its new stainless steel motors line which is designed especially for the demanding food and beverage production environment.

As a perfect partner to our motors range, we also offer industry-leading ABB drives, which means users can order their entire motor and drive package from a single trusted, experienced provider, with comprehensive site services and technical expertise just a phone call away.

Gibbons is currently supplying its stainless steel motors alongside ABB ACS355 variable-speed drives as a tailor-made package specifically for the food and beverage industry.

This combination offers dust-tight equipment that can withstand powerful water jets used during washdown procedures, with the ultra-hygienic package representing the best value available on the market today.

To discuss ordering energy-efficient motors or ABB drives, either separately or as a package, call Steven Burmby on 01621 868138 or email

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