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Energy-efficient motor use could cut global electricity consumption by 7%

Electricity use across the world could be reduced by around 7 per cent with the introduction of more energy-efficient electric motors and associated systems, a report from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has revealed.

The Centre found that replacing old, inefficient IE0 or IE1 electric motors with modern IE3 and IE4 machines in industrial processes could reduce electricity demand by more than 1,350 TWh. In addition, connecting variable-speed drives to electric motor-powered processes could yield global energy savings worth around $375 billion.

Electric motors, pumps, ventilation and compressor systems account for just under half of the world’s electricity consumption, so these new figures reinforce the benefits of increasing energy efficiency in such equipment.

If your motor-powered processes are still running on old, inefficient equipment, investing in an upgrade could significantly reduce your energy bills while offering a quick return on investment.

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