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Energy-efficient motors could remove need for 200 coal-fired power plants worldwide

Optimising electric motors and motor-driven processes across the world could render the construction of 200 coal-fired power plants unnecessary, according to a report from the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN).

The research also found that electric motors and associated systems account for 2.5 times more electricity consumption than lighting, demonstrating the vast potential for energy savings in motor-powered applications.

Operators of pump, conveyor and mixer processes can begin by assessing their electric motors and upgrading from obsolete equipment to energy-efficient IE3 and IE4 models. Many applications will also benefit from the installation of variable-speed drives (VSDs), which control electric motor speed in order to optimise energy efficiency and reduce premature wear and tear on components.

An added bonus for users is that VSDs can offer return on investment in a matter of months, such is their impact on inefficient motor-powered processes.

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