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The life-saving feature of the ABB ACH580 HVAC drive

ABB’s ACH580 HVAC variable-speed drive has an array of invaluable features, enabling users to improve their system’s energy-efficiency, productivity and comfort.

Among the most important is a fireman’s override function that reverses the HVAC motors, turning fans into smoke extraction units and aiding the evacuation of building occupants during emergency situations. This is built into the ACH580 as standard and helps architects to design effective escape routes within buildings.

When the building’s fire alarm system is activated, the ACH580 receives a signal that triggers ‘fire mode’ and immediately overrides all other inputs. Faults and warnings are ignored as the motor is switched into reverse at either adjustable, pre-set or PID-controlled speed.

This function also maintains pressure within stairwells at a constant value in order to keep fire and fumes out by detecting sudden changes in pressure and adjusting the motor speed accordingly.

Source: Armitage Communications

Gibbons is an authorised value provider for ABB drives, which means we’re exclusively approved to supply, install and commission the ACH580 in commercial buildings while providing crucial lifecycle services including maintenance, training and expert technical support.

For more information on the ACH580 HVAC drive, or the rest of our ABB drives range, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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