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Gibbons’ Colin joins facilities managers at Doyle Club networking meeting

Colin Hardman of Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions recently attended the Doyle Club networking event in Central London, connecting with figures from across the property, construction and facilities management sectors.

Held at The Bottlescrue, a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral, the monthly Doyle Club meeting regularly attracts 300 members and guests and is an informal gathering with a short presentation and a famous bottle draw!

Mr Hardman enjoyed meeting fellow building services professionals, with indoor air quality (IAQ) once again high on the agenda. Mr Hardman said: “These events are invaluable for meeting like-minded individuals and discussing topics such as IAQ as we strive towards healthier occupied indoor spaces.”

Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions installs its pioneering CoilCare® system in buildings such as offices, hotels, schools and restaurants.

The equipment uses powerful ultraviolet-C (UVC) light to remove 99% of contaminants from the cooling coil surface within an air handling unit (AHU), with continued use preventing future accumulation. This treatment significantly increases heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system energy efficiency while improving the health, wellbeing and productivity of building occupants.

For more information on CoilCare® or other innovative products from Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions, call Colin Hardman on 07940 544206 or email

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