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Hands-on ABB drives training for Gibbons’ engineers

A busy day’s training saw staff from Gibbons Engineering Group receive comprehensive training from ABB on some of its latest variable-speed drives.

The training session was delivered by Peter Myatt (Channel Manager – Drives) and Andy Preston (Drives Product Manager) and focused on three of ABB’s low-voltage drives:

  • ACH580 – for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications
  • ACS580 – a general-purpose drive for simplicity and flexibility
  • ACS880 – ideal for demanding industrial applications such as chemical processing, material handling and cement production

The day began with a presentation and explanation session, attended by sales and engineering staff. This was followed by hands-on training with sample drives, allowing our engineers to familiarise themselves with the latest features ready for installing and commissioning the drives in motor-driven processes.

These training sessions are invaluable as they help us to maintain the high standards our clients expect from ABB’s products and services. As an authorised value provider, we’re fully approved to supply the entire ABB drives range and can source equipment from across the world at minimal notice.

For more information about ABB drives and related services, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email  

Variable-Speed Drives

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