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Investing in energy technology could boost UK economy by £2.5 billion

British manufacturers could improve the economy by £2.56 billion with investment in energy-efficiency technology over the next 10 years, according to a new study from Barclays.

The report (‘Barclays Corporate Banking Powering On: Energy Resilience in UK Manufacturing’) also found that efficiency improvements could help manufacturers to reduce their energy consumption by 31.6 per cent. These cost reductions would be especially beneficial at a time when manufacturers feel the effects of increases in the prices of other raw materials and greater competition from overseas rivals.

With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU potentially destabilising energy prices further, and three quarters of manufacturers expressing concern over energy prices, why delay investing in energy-efficiency equipment?

Electric motor-driven applications such as pumps, conveyors and fans account for around 60 per cent of industrial energy consumption and therefore represent a huge opportunity for manufacturers to make substantial savings by upgrading systems.

For decades, Gibbons Engineering Group has been helping manufacturers to reduce their energy consumption with high-efficiency products and technical expertise. As well as stocking the latest IE3 and IE4 electric motors for next-day delivery, we’re an authorised value provider for ABB variable-speed drives, meaning you can get the complete energy-saving package from a single supplier.

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