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IVF, IAQ and improved pregnancy rates

Air purification systems installed in American IVF (in vitro fertilisation) clinics have improved pregnancy rates by almost 15 per cent, according to a report in Cleanroom Technology magazine (‘Clean air improves IVF success dramatically’ – December 2016).

The findings were revealed as part of a study on 5,319 IVF cycles conducted over a four-year period and showed that improving indoor air quality in IVF labs had a direct and significant impact on pregnancy success rates.

Dr Steven Palter, Medical & Scientific Director of Gold Coast IVF in Woodbury, New York highlighted the importance of clean, pure air in living cell laboratories, saying: “Embryos outside the body in the IVF lab are affected by even microscopic traces of contaminants.”

These contaminants include airborne pollutants from both outside (vehicle exhaust, pesticides and dust from construction activity) and inside (volatile organic compounds [VOCs] such as cleaning solutions, hand sanitisers and perfumes). They can then enter an IVF facility’s HVAC system and be circulated through critical areas, having a negative impact on the outcome of fertility treatment.

Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions is experienced in supplying and installing ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems for IVF clinics, with the technology capable of removing over 99 per cent of microbial contaminants growing on air handling unit (AHU) surfaces.

These pioneering systems include CoilCare®, which applies powerful ultraviolet-C (UVC) light to the AHU’s cooling coil, destroying germs, bacteria, mould and other contaminants.

This chemical-free technology is quick and easy to install, requires minimal maintenance and with continued use will prevent future build-up of contaminants.

This essential solution is ideal for applications such as IVF clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities where the highest standards of hygiene must be maintained.

For more information about CoilCare®, and the rest of the Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions range, call Colin Hardman on or email

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