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IP69K ingress protection for the food and beverage industry

Achieving and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in the demanding food and beverage industry requires machinery to contain certain specialist features.

Gibbons Engineering Group offers a range of stainless steel motors with an IP69K ingress protection rating, designed specifically for use in the food and beverage industry. IP ratings classify mechanical casings and electrical enclosures for their resistance to intrusion from dust, water and other unwanted objects and liquids.

IP ratings are made up of two digits – the first referring to the degree of protection against solids bodies, and the second digit declaring the level of resistance to moisture.

For electric motors, IP69K represents a unit that is dust tight (6) and resistant to powerful high-temperature water jets at close range (9K).

In food and beverage preparation and processing applications, equipment is regularly washed down with high-pressure hoses, but traditional electric motors have a rating plate and cooling fins underneath which debris can hide and putrefy.

This clearly represents a contamination risk, which is why our IP69K motors have a completely smooth surface (ratings are laser engraved, plus class F insulation allows temperatures of up to 155C to be tolerated – removing the need for a cooling fan and fins).

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