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Welcoming Natasha, the latest member of our team

This week, Natasha Dyke joined the ever-expanding Gibbons team as she began her role as Field Sales Representative. Amid a busy first day of meeting her new workmates, looking round our offices and workshops and undergoing an induction, we grabbed Natasha for a quick chat to discuss her new job.

Welcome to Gibbons, Natasha. What are your early impressions of the company?

It’s very quiet – in a good way – as everyone knows what they’re doing and are getting on with it!

What did you do before joining Gibbons?

My previous role was working for Clement Browne selling bespoke shutters, which involved sales and client relations with customers such as John Lewis. Prior to that, I worked in events.

Was there anything in particular that attracted you working for Gibbons?

It’s a very well-established business and it impressed me that there are staff here who have been with the company for decades.

What will be your focus in the early days and weeks of the job?

Everything! My role covers all our products and services, including electric motors, pumps and industrial gearboxes. So I’ll be busy identifying new customers and developing relationships while maintaining our excellent connections with existing clients.

We wish Natasha all the best as she begins her career with us. She can be contacted on 07966 423165 or by email at

HVAC Services, Humidification, Variable-Speed Drives, Electric Motors, Panel Building, Pumps & Controls, Transmission Systems, Ultraviolet Solutions, Agricultural, Rewinds & Repairs

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