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Why ignoring staff health and wellbeing is false economy

Figures from the World Green Building Council reveal that staff costs, including salaries and benefits, account for around 90 per cent of a business’s operating expenditure – with the remaining 10 per cent made up by rental costs (9 per cent) and energy costs (1 per cent).

The report (Health, Wellbeing & Productivity in Offices) points out that these figures mean “a small improvement in employee productivity can yield significant value.” The link between the health and wellbeing of employees and their productivity levels is becoming increasingly clear, particularly when it comes to indoor air quality (IAQ).

Many building owners and managers overlook the value of high-quality indoor air, not realising that mechanical heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems within occupied spaces can be a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and viruses.

Pollutants are carried along in the air and enter areas such as offices and meeting rooms via HVAC ductwork. When inhaled, these contaminants can cause respiratory problems, headaches and sickness that reduce productivity and increase absenteeism. Along with unhealthy, unhappy staff, companies may be faced with a downturn in profitability and increased recruitment costs as employee turnover rises.

Facilities managers can protect building occupants by installing an ultraviolet germicidal eradiation (UVGI) system within the building’s air handling system. UVGI equipment uses ultraviolet C (UVC) light to disinfect air and surfaces – such as cooling coils and ductwork – which removes contaminants while avoiding the need for manual cleaning.

Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions specialise in supplying and installing low-maintenance HVAC disinfection technology such as our pioneering CoilCare® system. These units can be tailored to fit all areas of your building, with our engineers carrying out extensive testing and modelling prior to installation.

Find out more about CoilCare® and the rest of the Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions range by calling Colin Hardman on 07940 544206 or email

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