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Pumps to the rescue!

One morning in June 2016, following a night of heavy rain, Gibbons’ staff arrived for work to find the car park flooded and the water level rising dangerously close to the front door of our workshop and office building.

Flooding on an adjacent field had seen water flowing into our car park via special channels in the wall. However, the severity of the floodwater meant drains had been overwhelmed and urgent action was required.

Two submersible pumps were pulled from stock and placed in the water, with pipework assembled to reach drains on a raised road. This enabled us to safely pump away the water before it breached our building.

However, not every business has an array of pumps on hand to use in such a situation, so what would your business do if faced with the same problem?

Investing in a submersible pump means you’ll be prepared should the worst happen and you need to prevent floodwater from entering your building. Plus, you’ll avoid the inconvenience and expense of flooding, helping to keep your staff and premises safe.

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