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What’s your plan of action if a variable-speed drive fails?

If your electric motor-driven application is controlled by a variable-speed drive, what would you do if the VSD failed and left your process out of action and steadily racking up downtime costs?

There are multiple costs resulting from not running, such as lost production, paying staff when no work can be carried out and the possible loss of business as clients find a new provider and do not return.

So if a drive in your process fails, you’ll be glad to know you need only make a single phone call – any time of day or night – to Gibbons Drive Hire in order to return your system to operation.

Gibbons Drive Hire provides a 24-hour service, supplying efficient, reliable ABB drives to replace any make or model. Our hire drives are pre-programmed and ready-cabled to enable our engineer to carry out an immediate installation upon arrival.

We can also take your failed drive back to our workshop for assessment and repair, returning it to service whenever you’re ready.

Contact Gibbons Drive Hire on 01621 868138 (normal working hours) or 07970 676272 (24-hour emergency line) for an instant response. 

Variable-Speed Drives

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