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How grain store fans help to control mites during harvest

Among the many challenges faced by farmers during the hectic harvest period is how to effectively control infestations of pests such as mites.

A mite infestation can have serious consequences, causing as much as 10 per cent crop loss, which farmers can ill afford as grain prices continue to fluctuate.

Mites have an extraordinary ability to reproduce. For example, the cosmopolitan food mite (Lepidoglyphus destructor) – which lives on the grain surface – can multiply four fold in a single week. Because of this, a kilogram of stored grain may contain several million mites.

The presence of mites causes the development of pockets of moisture and heat – known as hotspots – within a grain heap, which can lead to mould growth.

In addition, mites and other pests act as a source of bacterial and fungal infections along with allergens. A mite infestation will also cause problems such as taint, reduced nutritional value and contamination by insect fragments.

Centrifugal fans, used by farmers as a method of cooling and drying grain while avoiding the use of pesticides, have been manufactured by Gibbons Agricultural Fans at our production facility near Maldon in Essex for 20 years.

These 0.13 – 2.2 kW steel and aluminium fans are available as single phase or three phase in most sizes and can be used in floor-level systems or with mobile or fixed spears for the extraction of heat.

Find out more by calling the Gibbons Agricultural Fans team on 01621 868138 or email


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