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Virgin Pulse Global Challenge – week three update

Seven members of the Gibbons team are currently undertaking the 100-day Virgin Pulse Global Challenge. This competition tasks the seven with wearing a pedometer all day, every day, in order to rack up the maximum number of steps for their team.

The ‘Funky Gibbons’ team is up against seven fellow ABB authorised value providers, and the healthy competition has encouraged us all to get more active. Some staff who live here in Tollesbury now walk rather than drive to work, while others are embarking on lunchtime treks round the village in order to increase their step count.

After three weeks, let’s take a look at how the ABB authorised value provider mini league is shaping up:

Well, the team’s dog walks, gym visits and bike rides look to be doing the trick as the Funky Gibbons rise one place into fifth. The past week has seen us add a whopping 199 miles, taking our total to 605 after 21 days.

With the nights getting darker and the weather set to deteriorate, we’re about to see which team has the staying power when stepping out in the cold, wind and rain is distinctly unappealing!

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