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Gibbons team completes the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

After more than three months of walking, cycling and swimming, seven Gibbons employees have completed the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge – just in time for a well-earned rest over Christmas.

The worldwide challenge sees individuals improve their health and wellbeing by introducing a fun, competitive edge to exercising.

At the beginning of September, the Funky Gibbons team members each received a pedometer to wear from morning until night for 100 days. Every step was recorded and the combined tallies added to the team total, with Gibbons competing in a mini-league alongside seven fellow ABB drives authorised value providers.

The early autumn days saw the team attack the challenge with relish as light evenings and pleasant temperatures put a spring in our step. But once the clocks went back and the mercury plummeted, our resolve was sternly tested and it’s fair to say that step averages dropped somewhat.

However, more than 6.7 million steps (2,700 miles) at an average of almost four miles per day for each participant gives the Funky Gibbons an honourable sixth-place finish.

Most importantly, the challenge has encouraged us all to get out and enjoy fresh air and exercise every day. Those who would otherwise spend lunch at their desk have been taking strolls through the village while others have got on their bikes or taken the dog round the block an extra time with their steps in mind.

The big question is, will we continue to be as health-focussed from now on? With the team now in good habits and a regular daily walk part of the routine, let’s hope so.

As an authorised value provider, Gibbons is exclusively approved to supply, install and service ABB drives while offering training and technical expertise.

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