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Gibbons’ Plug&Dry™ accessories help farmers enhance their grain store fans

Following a successful (if short-lived) debut at LAMMA ’18, our Agricultural Fans division is set to ease the strain on farmers during harvest 2018 with the launch of our new Plug&Dry™ crop store fan system.

Plug&Dry™ enables users to quickly and easily connect a number of optional accessories to their trusty Gibbons grain-drying fan to help them save time, energy and money during 2018 and beyond.

Firstly, a direct on-line (DOL) starter fitted with thermal overload protection can be attached to the fan for direct push-button/auto-start control. The compact, enclosed units are easy to use and offer high performance at low cost.

High-precision thermostats can be connected for accurate temperature control and monitoring – essential when the erratic British weather offers no guarantees.

For added convenience, we also provide heavy-duty 10 or 20-metre extension leads with 16A plug and socket. The durable IP44-rated leads offer protection against dust and are resistant to water splashes.

Each of these ‘plug-and-play’ solutions can be quickly installed by the user, removing the cost of having an electrician attend site. Clients still benefit from our outstanding after-sales support, with engineers available to answer technical queries.

The Plug&Dry™ accessories can be connected to both the steel and aluminium versions of the Gibbons centrifugal fan, which is powered by an energy-efficient IE3 electric motor. The motor itself has been upgraded to include a steel (rather than plastic) terminal box casing for added robustness and reliability.

The accessories are ready to add to the fan box prior to shipping, and the flexibility of the system means that a farmer can use a single accessory or all three together. And with electricity prices as unpredictable as ever – as well as Brexit causing uncertainty over the future economy – we’re glad to offer a solution that will help farmers minimise their energy bills.

The Gibbons Agricultural fan range is manufactured on-site at our production facility in Tollesbury, near Maldon and is delivered to farmers via a network of official resellers and distributors across the UK and beyond. Sized at 0.13 – 2.2 kW, the fans are available as single phase or three phase in both aluminium and steel in most sizes.

For more information on the Plug&Dry™ system or any of our other products and services, call Josie Knight on 01621 868 138 or email


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