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Automatic wireless grain cooling with the Plug&Cool™ Barn System

Farmers looking to save time and money on their grain cooling this harvest can now get everything they need in one handy package from Gibbons Agricultural Fans.

New for 2018, our Plug&Cool™ Barn System allows you to automatically manage crop temperature from a single control panel. Wireless probes placed in the grain pile communicate continuously with the control panel to ensure consistent and accurate temperature control.

The Gibbons Plug&Cool™ Barn System is your all-in-one automated solution for crop temperature control, helping you minimise running costs while enjoying maximum efficiency.

Plus, by maintaining optimal grain temperature, you’ll ensure quality is not compromised by pest infestations while also reducing pesticide use.

We can tailor the Plug&Cool™ Barn System package to suit crop stores of all sizes. Here’s an example of what you’ll get in a typical 4-fan package:

x1 Control panel with integrated wireless temperature control system

x1 Wireless probe

x4 1.1kW Gibbons aluminium fans

x4 Fan starters

x4 Extension cables

x4 Pedestals

For our best price on a bespoke Plug&Cool™ Barn System, call us today on 01621 868 138 or email

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