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Archive April 2018

New EU efficiency legislation targets smarter energy systems for buildings

How the drive towards zero-emissions buildings by 2050 can be achieved by improving the energy efficiency of HVAC systems.

HVAC Services, Humidification, Ultraviolet Solutions
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Why you don’t need to put up with electric motor price increases

This time of year often sees electric motor manufacturers announce price increases and 2018 has been no different. So what should you do if you're looking for cheap electric motors?

Electric Motors
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Order your swimming pool pump in time for summer

As the mercury rises, there's no better time to order a new, more efficient swimming pool pump.

Pumps & Controls
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How the cement and concrete industry can cut energy use in half

With the cement industry urged to make substantial carbon emission reductions, we look at existing solutions to a long-term problem.

HVAC Services, Variable-Speed Drives, Electric Motors, Pumps & Controls
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Evora Global welcomes Gibbons’ air-handling experts

Two of Gibbons' expert air-handling team were invited to London's Hop Exchange to present to Evora Global on energy saving for HVAC systems.

HVAC Services, Humidification, Variable-Speed Drives, Electric Motors, Ultraviolet Solutions
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How to enjoy the financial benefits of a high-performing building

Discover why improving building performance can significantly increase the rentable value of a property.

Ultraviolet Solutions
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Why commercial landlords may need to take urgent action on their HVAC systems

Legislation has just come into effect which may create problems for commercial building landlords.

HVAC Services, Ultraviolet Solutions
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