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ABB MotorAdvantage has been created to help you uncover the true cost of running your electric motors. If your business operates a continuous process, it could cost you hundreds of pounds per hour in lost revenue if one of your motors fails. This not only results in lost production for your company but also the potential loss of customers. ABB MotorAdvantage could help you save money, increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

There are three stages to the ABB MotorAdvantage scheme:

1. Consultation

During the consultation process we’ll examine the installed motor asset register for the plant and, working with the local engineers, identify up to five critical applications that are running either continuously or for more than 4,000 hours per annum. We’ll then determine some basic information such as:

  • How old are the installed motors?
  • How efficient are the installed motors?
  • What spares holding do you have for critical plant?

We also engage with the plant’s process engineers to determine the exact design criteria for the various processes.

2. Appraisal

We then visit the end user and inspect the selected motors to get an understanding of the plant energy and maintenance plans.

3. Proving the savings

We then present you with a report outlining the potential savings, payback time if an investment in new motors is made, achievable carbon emissions reductions and other key facts and analysis.

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