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Services > Humidification Pre-purchase

Technical advice

The secret of a successful installation is in the planning. Our team of expert engineers are able to offer a wealth of technical advice and support to enable all aspects of your humidification or adiabatic cooling project to be addressed. We offer our expertise free of charge, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from contacting us.

Application support

Our engineers can offer well-informed practical advice, drawing on years of experience to produce detailed calculations that achieve the best solution for your application. We have an extensive range of humidifiers suitable for applications including semiconductor facilities, art galleries, data centres, commercial offices and factories.

Detailed energy-saving analysis

Our humidification systems are energy efficient and require the minimum energy input. We have the facilities and know-how to provide a detailed energy analysis of your air system and show you why using the Gibbons humidification system can significantly reduce your energy bill. Many of our customers are saving hundreds of thousands of pounds every year, with payback on investment of less than two years from installing our equipment.

Control advice

The majority of our installations do not require any changes to the building management system or humidifier control. However, we will happily advise you with regard to any control questions you may have.