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Services > Humidification Upgrade and Retrofit

Comprehensive retrofit service

Many of our customers have cut their energy consumption by purchasing their Gibbons humidification system to replace high energy-consuming humidifiers. For example, replacing a steam humidifier with the Gibbons adiabatic humidification system will generate substantial energy savings within a short payback period.

We’ve also replaced high-pressure spray humidifiers, wet-mat humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers. Our engineering team ensure a smooth transition, managing the project through conception, removal of the old humidifiers then installation and commissioning of the new Gibbons system.

Retrofit energy analysis

Your existing humidifiers don’t have to be old to need replacing. Many projects go ahead on the basis of significant energy savings to justify the project cost.

Our engineering staff have developed a comprehensive range of energy calculators that model a building’s air system. With this we can compare the building’s air system energy consumption with the existing humidifiers and the Gibbons humidifiers. The model makes use of MET office data to give outside air conditions for an entire year.

By comparing the results it can be established what energy savings can be made - in some cases they’re so substantial that payback is often between one and two years.

Equipment upgrade

Our continuing product development means our equipment remains state of the art. If you have one of our older systems installed, we can offer a comprehensive upgrading service for both software and hardware.