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Our extensive HVAC service package ensures your equipment will provide reliability, productivity and energy efficiency throughout its operational life.

HVAC Pre-purchase

Gibbons HVAC Services provide an extensive selection of pre-purchase services both on site and within our dedicated training facility. Here’s what we can offer:

  • Dilapidation reports
  • Air testing
  • Energy appraisals, monitoring and reporting
  • Specification of energy-efficient plant and products
  • Creation of action plans on how to reduce energy consumption
  • Legislation guidance including EU MEPS for electric motors
  • Selection and dimensioning
  • Humidification system design and assessment
  • Training

HVAC Order & Delivery

Gibbons hold a huge stock of HVAC products, from electric motors, pumps and variable-speed drives to fans, belts and pulleys. With so many components to hand, we’re able to supply projects promptly and respond immediately to breakdowns.

We use an international courier service to ensure your HVAC equipment is with you the next day, wherever you may be.

HVAC Installation & Setup

We carry out installation of fans, AHUs and pumps, along with start-up and setting to work. We then undertake condition-based monitoring and dynamic balancing to ensure optimum running conditions are achieved.

We work closely with customers from the moment of first contact, and once a project has been awarded we then meticulously plan every detail of the job. Our extensive preparation covers manufacturing requirements, off-site works, method statements and accompanying risk assessments.

HVAC Operation & Maintenance

Once your installation has been carried out, we provide dedicated support to ensure your HVAC plant remains reliable and efficient. Our services include:

  • Preventative maintenance packages
  • Air tightness testing for AHUs and ductwork
  • Thermal imaging
  • Data logging and metering
  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Workshop support.

HVAC Repair

If your HVAC equipment should fail, you can rely on Gibbons to have it repaired promptly with the minimum disruption to your operations.

  • Site and workshop facilities to repair most HVAC products
  • Plant restored to full working order
  • Solutions to reduce plant downtime
  • Old and obsolete parts sourced or replicated.

HVAC Upgrade

We’re always aware of the latest HVAC energy-efficiency legislation and are on hand to upgrade your plant to meet the most recent regulations, including Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) guidance and qualifying products. As well as supplying variable-speed drives, we can increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC equipment by upgrading fans, AHUs, electric motors and pumps. Impressive payback periods mean you’ll enjoy great long-term value from your upgrade. 

HVAC Refurbishment

If your HVAC plant is in need of modernisation, turn to Gibbons for a comprehensive refurbishment service:

  • Overhaul of worn fan or AHU components
  • Replacement of heating and cooling coils, heat recovery devices and filtration
  • Treatment of internal and external AHU surfaces
  • Restoration of the physical operation of the plant using validations, checks and maintenance.

HVAC Inspection and Testing


Our experienced team provide inspection of most HVAC plant, including:

  • Air handling units (AHUs)
  • Fans
  • Smoke-venting devices
  • Stair-pressurisation equipment
  • Pumps
  • Variable-speed drives

We offer guidance on the current condition and performance of ventilation equipment and advise on how older plant can be refurbished to improve energy efficiency or comply with legislation.


Combining sophisticated measuring equipment and our extensive experience, we test most types of HVAC equipment, with services including:

  • On-site AHU leakage testing
  • Fan performance testing
  • Stair pressurisation fan testing to ensure stairwells remain clear in the event of a fire
  • Testing of AHU and fan ancillary equipment
  • Guidance and expertise on the upgrade of older smoke-venting fans

We are able to provide detailed reports of our findings during inspection and testing.

HVAC Replacement & Recycling


Our vast portfolio of suppliers and industry contacts means we can source replacement HVAC components including fans, pumps and AHUs upon request.


We believe in minimising the environmental impact of our operations and recycle HVAC waste materials such as electric motors and variable-speed drives wherever possible.