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Gibbons Engineering Group Celebrates Successful ISO Re-accreditation

Successful ISO Re-accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Gibbons Engineering Group has successfully passed recent audits for ISO9001, ISO45001, and ISO14001 accreditations. This achievement marks the culmination of rigorous evaluation and diligent preparation, affirming our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental management.

A Comprehensive Re-accreditation Process

The re-accreditation audit, which occurs every three years, is a comprehensive review of our adherence to these international standards. Our recent audit spanned four days, during which the auditors meticulously examined our systems, practices, and procedures. They scrutinised every aspect of our operations to ensure we met requirements set by the ISO standards. The auditors also conducted a thorough site audit with two Gibbons engineers.

ISO Standards: A Commitment to Excellence

ISO9001: This standard underscores our commitment to quality management. By maintaining ISO9001 certification, we demonstrate our dedication to consistently providing products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction through effective application and continual improvement.

ISO45001: Safety is a core value at Gibbons Engineering Group, and ISO45001 certification highlights our commitment to occupational health and safety management. This standard helps us create a safe and healthy workplace by preventing work-related injuries and ill health, thereby continually improving our OHS performance.

ISO14001: Our ISO14001 accreditation reflects our dedication to environmental management. This standard requires us to implement an effective environmental management system, enabling us to reduce our environmental impact, enhance our environmental performance, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Team Effort and Recognition

Passing these audits is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team and we must extend our gratitude to everyone involved in the audit process. Each team member’s commitment to excellence, from maintaining records to implementing best practices, played a vital role in achieving this accreditation. With our ISO9001, ISO45001, and ISO14001 certifications secured until 2027, subject to annual surveillance audits, we are poised to continue our journey of excellence. These accreditations not only validate our current practices but also inspire us to uphold and enhance our standards continuously. We will continue to innovate, improve, and uphold the values that have earned us these certifications.

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