Industrial gearboxes play a vital role in processing industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cement production. The failure of a transmission system may affect an entire production line, leading to expensive unplanned downtime. This in turn can mean unfulfilled orders and unhappy customers, so regular maintenance is a must.

Here are 3 Handy tips for gearbox maintenance to help plant operators reduce the risk of failure:

  1. Ensure that the gearbox is still operating as it is designed to. Connected equipment may have been changed over time, meaning that the gearbox is now subject to different demands and therefore not operating as efficiently. Check the manufacturer’s specification and gearbox rating to be certain.
  2. Dust, dirt and other debris resulting from certain processes may settle on a gearbox. If left to build up, this may cause the equipment to overheat and work less efficiently. If neglected long-term, the gearbox could eventually overheat and fail prematurely. Although the nature of some processes can make it impossible to prevent such contaminants coming into contact with a gearbox, they should be regularly brushed as part of routine maintenance.
  3. As with any piece of rotating machinery, if an industrial gearbox is inadequately lubricated, problems such as overheating and premature bearing wear are likely to occur. It’s important to remember, however, that inadequate lubrication doesn’t have to mean too little grease – over-lubricating can be just as harmful. This is because excess grease is churned by rotating parts and pushed out of the way, causing overheating. Carry out lubrication in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, being careful to select the correct lubricant type.

Gibbons Engineering Group, through its partnership with APT Powerdrive, is an approved supplier of Bonfiglioli gearboxes. We have high-performance transmission systems in stock for immediate dispatch, with expert engineers available to answer any technical queries you may have.

We also offer a comprehensive service package for transmission systems, helping clients across multiple industries to enjoy the benefits of reliable and efficient motor-driven systems.

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