A submersible pump is a handy device to own – whether you use it for drainage, sewage treatment, seawater handling, or another application. However, like any piece of electro-mechanical equipment, submersible pump care is important to ensure optimum performance.

These are some of the main areas for routine inspection:

Inlet screen.

This can become clogged with debris such as leaves, stones, and mud and should be checked and cleaned every three to four months.


If the float becomes obstructed, it may not activate the pump when required – or the pump could run dry. Ensure the float can move freely so that it turns on automatically. If the float is unimpeded yet the pump doesn’t automatically activate, test the power connection, and float switch for faults.

Discharge line.

This can become clogged up and may freeze during winter. Unblock the air vent hole in the line if necessary.


To make sure your submersible pump stays in good working condition, make sure it is lubricated properly. Follow the guidelines supplied by the manufacturer but make sure you don’t over-grease it as this could cause irreversible damage to the bearings.

Check for signs of overheating.

One of the common causes of submersible pump failure is overheating. This is often caused by a lack of water in the well that cools the pump. Also, if there is a fault with the pump it can overheat. This can result in costly repairs so we would suggest regular checks for signs of overheating.

Replace seals and hoses where necessary.

After several years of use, the seals and hoses within a submersible pump can deteriorate and break down. This can cause serious damage to the pump, so we recommend replacing them as soon as you notice any signs of wear and tear.

Inspect the motor.

The pump’s motor should be checked regularly as well. Check the terminal connections inside the terminal box. Make sure that the starter isn’t overheating too as this will cause the motor to fail.

If you have a submersible pump malfunction and can’t diagnose the fault, give Gibbons a call. Our engineers repair most pump types and can give advice about submersible pump care. We can also collect and deliver within a 50-mile radius of our workshop free of charge.

Or if your pump is beyond repair, we’re an approved stockist of industry-leading Lowara pumps. We offer same-day worldwide dispatch and outstanding technical support to ensure you get the most from your equipment.

To enquire about submersible pump repairs, maintenance and sales, call our helpful sales team on 01621 868 138 or email

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