air pollution and indoor air quality

After conducting air pollution tests across the UK, a Royal College of Physicians report has found that 44 out of the 51 British towns and cities measured exceeded World Health Organisation limits for fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns across.

These particles (known as PM2.5s) have been associated with causing heart disease and early death, with Dr Toby Hillman – co-author of the report – describing toxic air as “a lifetime threat to human health.”

The news that only 14% of the towns and cities surveyed met acceptable levels of air quality is worrying not only for those breathing polluted outdoor air, but also to building owners and facilities managers responsible for protecting people in occupied spaces.

This is because polluted air from outside can make its way into buildings via mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, exposing occupants to potentially harmful contaminants.

Even with filtration, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems may not always fully prevent outdoor pollutants from entering occupied spaces. That’s where Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions comes in.

We help building owners and facilities managers to protect building occupants with our flagship system, CoilCare®. This permanent, low-maintenance unit contains ultraviolet-C (UVC) photoniser lamps and is mounted within the air handling unit (AHU) of a HVAC system. By applying UVC light to the cooling coil surface and surrounding air, contaminants are eradicated, meaning circulated air becomes clean, healthy and safe for occupants to breathe.

CoilCare® is chemical free and suitable for installation in schools, healthcare facilities, care homes, restaurants and offices. Continued use can prevent the re-growth of contaminants, ensuring a consistently healthy air supply.

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