Airspear Max

Here at Gibbons Agricultural, we have had a very exciting year so far; launching new products, attending Agricultural shows, and speaking to farmers from all over the world. Now we are excited to launch our new Airspear Max!

Specialist grain storage equipment that produces fast results is in high demand from farmers wanting to save time and money post-harvest.

Because warm, moist grain is the perfect environment for mould and insect larvae to grow, it is vital that farmers have effective equipment to pinpoint and eliminate hotspots fast.

For such instances where urgent cooling is required, we are unveiling our brand new Airspear Max at this year’s Cereals Event.

The new Airspear harnesses the maximum cooling power of a 1.1kW fan to bring farmers quick results when they need them. By simply screwing the Airspear Max into the desired location, farmers can access the superior power of a static Pedestal fan, in a completely mobile form.

With ease of use at the heart of its design, the new Airspear Max features strong, extra-long, non-slip handles that give farmers the leverage to easily insert and remove the Airspear.

Portable as well as powerful, the fan’s aluminum casing keeps the new Airspear Max as light as possible, and there is no need for a bulky adaptor adding excess weight; our 1.1kW fan is the perfect fit to sit directly on top of the spear.

The new Airspear Max will be on display along with the rest of our Plug&Cool range at the Cereals Event on 12th and 13th June in Lincolnshire. Come and see it for yourself at stand 956.

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