Aclumus SafeContractor Accredited

We’ve successfully renewed our Alcumus SafeContractor Accreditation for another year.

What is it?

SafeContractor is an accreditation that shows our customers and employees that we meet specific standards of health and safety.

How did we get it?

To receive the SafeContractor Accreditation we had to pass a detailed audit to prove our risk management processes are up to date and comply with legislation.

To do this, we had to provide – among other things – details of our health and safety policy, evidence of our risk assessments and information about the training our engineers receive.

Why is it important?

Holding a SafeContractor Accreditation shows our customers and employees that we take health and safety seriously. It also makes life easier for many companies we work with, as they can see straight away that we meet the required levels of risk management.

To find out more about our various accreditations, please get in touch with us at

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