Don’t deny it, when you heard Cereals 2020 had been postponed, you wondered where your year’s supply of free hats, pens and mugs would come from, didn’t you?

Well, luckily for you, you can still get your hands on a free hat or pen from Gibbons Agricultural – all you have to do is ask us a question.

We are continuing to support our customers during these challenging times, and have a tech-savvy solution up our sleeves to bring viewers a ‘virtual exhibition’ following the postponement of Cereals 2020.

As well as participating in the online event to be produced by Cereals, we will take to our popular YouTube channel to showcase our Plug&Cool range of specialist grain storage equipment. As part of the video, we are encouraging would-be-visitors to get in touch with any questions they would have asked us at the event, so they can be answered fully in the video by a member of our agricultural team.

So, back to that freebie –

You just need to email a short video of yourself asking us the question you would have asked us, had you visited our stand at this year’s Cereals event. Your video will be used in our virtual exhibition video, to be published on YouTube. Just send your question to before the end of May, along with the address you’d like your freebie posted to!

The full Plug&Cool range will feature in the video, including the best-selling grain fans, durable Pedestals and the new Multi-Zone Control Panel.

The Multi-Zone Control Panel is already proving popular with farmers who are starting to think about preparing for this year’s harvest. The panel allows the independent control of any number of fans in up to four zones of a grain heap. This results in huge amounts of saved time and energy, as the panel will automatically turn on fans in hotter areas of the heap, leaving those in cooler zones switched off.

Unlike costly modular systems, users need only purchase one panel, which can be easily set up. There’s no need for an electrician to come out, and the panel is completely mobile, so can be moved between grain stores over the years depending on which stores are in use.

You’ll be able to view the virtual exhibition video on our YouTube channel.

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