Plug&Cool system

Apply for the Countryside Protectively Grant before the 4th November 2020.

Did you know that you could buy our Plug&Cool® system with the Countryside Productivity Scheme grant? As a control for grain drying it is eligible for round 3 funding. The application is straight forward and quick. You will just need to do some research to make sure you have all the information for it.

Plug&Cool® can make your farm easier to manage and is a sustainable option for grain drying – as it is reactionary it uses less electricity. The reason why the grant exists is to help farmers run their holdings more efficiently, which is why it is perfect for Plug&Cool®.

The application is submitted online and should take around fifteen minutes. The fund reimburses you; if your grant is approved you would buy the equipment before March 2021, then the grant would give you back the money you spent.

Top tips for your application:

• Read the handbook.

• Make sure you have gathered all the information requested before filling in your application.

• Submit before noon on the 4th November 2020.

If you need any help with the grant contact the scheme directly at, or call 03000 200 301 and follow the options for the Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme.

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