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Good branding goes a long way and believe it or not, at Gibbons, we are often asked to customise electric motors, gearboxes and pumps to a company’s brand colours. Whether it’s to match a company logo or to simply blend in with the driven equipment, we are capable of matching specific RAL colours.

In 2022 we invested in a brand-new spray booth and had it installed in our rewinds and repairs workshop. This makes things a little easier for our workshop engineers as they constantly re-paint newly refurbished motors, so having the booth close by is ideal.

It’s not only the colour of a motor that we can modify for our customers though. We have the technology to customise the motor’s nameplate too. So, instead of having the standard Gibbons logo and contact details on your motor, you can send us your company logo for us to use instead.

blue motor
Motor painted red
Black motor

What about inside?

We regularly modify all motors of different shapes and sizes but it’s not just the colour we can change. When a standard motor off the shelf won’t do, we provide mechanically modified motors to suit your application, from modified flanges to aluminium frames. And, for motors that are used in high temperatures and tropical environments, we offer various measures to keep them in perfect working order.

We’ve even rewound brand-new electric motors before they’ve even been used. In 20219 our workshop manager, Kev, modified multiple electric motors that were being shipped to the USA. The 50-cycle motors had to be converted to 60-cycles so they would run correctly. You can see the full video on our YouTube channel.

If you’d like to know more about our custom motors or our rewinds and repairs service, call us on 01621 868 138 or email for more information.

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